Centurion are committed to providing all the information you require, to make your DIY conservatory go as smoothly as possible. Download our conservatory build guide, data sheets and more, to familiarise yourself with the process. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  Self Build Conservatory Frame Guide (3 MB)

Our self build guide to constructing your DIY conservatory.

  Zoom Conservatory Systems Brochure (4 KB)

See the range of Zoom conservatories to create your perfect living space.

  Planning Permission & Building Regulations (170 KB)

A printable summary of the planning permission and building regulation requirements.

  Conservatory Base Plan (131 KB)

View an example base plan.

  Conservatory Pipe Bridge Soakaway (144 KB)

Diagrams of soakaway construction.

  Conservatory Foundations Dwarf Wall (142 KB)

Typical Foundations and brickwork section for dwarf wall conservatories.

  Conservatory Foundations Full Height (107 KB)

Typical Foundation Section for Full Height Conservatories i.e.frames to floor conservatories with NO dwarf wall.

  Conservatory Lead Flashing (173 KB)

Self Installation Guide for Conservatory Lead Flashing

  Zoom Roof Installation Guide (3 MB)

Full fitting instructions for the Zoom roof system.

  Paddock Door Locks, Hinges & Door Furniture (3 MB)

View the full range of Paddock locks, hinges and door furniture, including Secured by Design multi-point door locks.

  Creative Options Fanlights (2 MB)

Adding the personal touch of a leaded, coloured glass effect to your fanlights.

  Pilkington Activ Blue Data Sheet (175 KB)

View full technical details of this self-cleaning solar control glass.

  Composite Door Brochure (3 MB)

View details of our range of DIY composite doors.

  PVCu Door Brochure (2 MB)

View our range of DIY PVCu doors.

  PVCu Door Technical Specifications & Pricing (271 KB)

Further information on the measurements and pricing of our DIY PVCu Doors.

  Bi-Folding Doors Brochure (3 MB)

Futher details about our range of DIY Bi-Folding Doors.

  Vertical Sliding Windows Brochure (2 MB)

View further details about our range of Vertical Sliding Windows.