Conservatories are classed as temporary structures, and as such do not generally have to conform to Building Regulations.

To qualify as a conservatory for exemption from Building Regulations the building must:

  • Have a roof with transparent or translucent material for at least 75% of its area.
  • Have walls glazed with transparent material for at least half their area.
  • Be sited at ground level.
  • Be under 30m² floor area.
  • Have an external grade door between house and conservatory. (Should you wish to create an open-plan conservatory we can advise on suitable glazing to ensure compliance with Building Regulations).
  • Have a heating system (if any) which is separate from the central heating for the main house or which can be separately controlled (e.g. with thermostatic radiator valve or on/off switch).
  • Comply with Building Regulations Part N and be glazed with toughened safety glass.

You cannot install any plumbing or drainage in a conservatory without seeking Building Regulation approval. Our advice on Building Regulations is issued as a guideline only. For more detailed or up to date information, Centurion DIY Conservatories recommend that you contact the appropriate Planning and / or Building Control Department of your local Council and obtain written confirmation of specific terms relating to your own property.