A conservatory is probably the most flexible room in the home as you are never restricted in how you can use them. You have probably seen most conservatories being used as a sitting room, or used to extend a sitting room, but there are many other modern ways to use your new, light space.

Kitchen Conservatory

Conservatory Kitchen Whether it is your family waiting for their Sunday roast to cook or friends at a party you are hosting, the kitchen is almost always the place where everyone tends to gather. As an extension to your kitchen, a kitchen conservatory is an ideal solution to provide you with that additional space for your family and friends to enjoy. A kitchen conservatory also allows lots of light in, great if you want a kitchen design with a cosmopolitan feel to it and even provides the cook beautiful views of the garden whilst they are working hard at the oven! It is a great way to connect the garden to the kitchen as well, ideal for those summer BBQs.

Home Office Conservatory

Today, more and more of us are working from home so it is only right that your home office should provide that perfect home working environment. Quiet, peaceful and allowing lots of natural light in, a conservatory is the perfect way to provide an office area for the home based worker. The conservatory, being an extension to your home, will provide an additional room allowing plenty of space for storage of files, computers, desk, chairs and everything else we need in our home offices. All you need to do is close the door and your conservatory office will separated from the hussle and bussle of the home. At the end of the day you can also shut the door and close away your office for some well deserved rest!

Children's Playroom Conservatory

Conservatory PlayroomA conservatory gives you that additional space you need for kids to play in the home as well as a great storage area for all of their toys. By designing your conservatory as a family room, you get a space that everyone can enjoy. Just imaging keeping the rest of your house free of all your children's toys!

Choosing your conservatory

At Centurion we manufacture every conservatory individually, because every customer has their own unique requirements. This means that your conservatory can be built to virtually any shape and size possible. There is no other house like yours and a standard size conservatory would never suit it. For this reason your conservatory will be built to fit the exact requirements for your home. Centurion DIY Conservatories are tailor-made to suit your specification and are priced as competitively as the normal inflexible modular ranges by most conservatory companies. All conservatories can be designed in dwarf wall style, or with full-height frames with floor-to-ceiling glass or with panels around the bottom. We will send you a detailed personal conservatory quote and computer aided drawings once we have established what will work best for your budget, home, and design preference, and we are always happy to quote for several alternatives.