For a fast installation of your conservatory without the mess of digging full foundations, we can supply the Durabase System. A steel conservatory base and modular wall manufactured to your requirements.

The average conservatory steel base can be installed within a day and requires only a little DIY experience. Even the modular walls are bricked and mortared before delivery. It's little wonder many of our customers are opting for steel base conservatories, for a fast fit with minimal fuss.

Five Simple Steps to a Steel Conservatory Base

  1. Choose the position of your conservatory.
  2. Install the 18" (450mm) concrete pads to support the legs.
  3. Lay down the steel base and level using the adjustable legs then fix to the house.
  4. Attach brick skirt and modular wall to steel base and finish by fixing the bridging tiles in place.
  5. You’re now ready to erect the conservatory.

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Durabase Steel Conservatory Bases