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Ideas for Lighting Your Conservatory

09 April 2015

The conservatory has long been an attractive space to relax in. Decorating it to the highest standard is a must. But, of course, there is a need for additional lighting to ensure that your conservatory is a homely, more comfortable space all year round.

With the advances of more contemporary conservatories, many people think that they don’t need lighting within this space. But, this is not technically true. Glass conservatories offer a broad range of benefits when it comes to natural light. But, during the winter our conservatories can be dark spaces.

So, what do you need to consider when choosing the perfect lighting solution for your conservatory?

Here are some our favourite ideas when it comes to selecting the right conservatory lighting. 

Paper Lanterns

If you are something of a retro lover, this could be a great lighting look to implement in your new conservatory. Paper lanterns are an inexpensive solution for many. The soft features can transform your conservatory into a space that is truly ambient. What’s more, they don’t run off the mains. So, if you are keen on cutting back on your energy bills, these battery powered LED lights are just the trick. After all, illuminating your conservatory shouldn’t cost a fortune. 

Low-Level Lights

For those that crave soft, subtle lighting but they don’t want to rely on battery-powered lights, low-level lights can provide illumination in your conservatory. Opt for table lamps and floor lamps to create layers of light within your conservatory space. It’s a great way of releasing a more natural feel into your home. After all, you don’t want to be subject to glare on a cosy, winter evening. 

Fairy Lights

These kinds of lights are not just for Christmas. In fact, they can be used all year round. Fairy or string lights are perfect for emitting small, subtle bounces of light throughout any space. The fairy lights will sparkle and transcend around your glass conservatory creating a homely feel. These are utterly perfect for soft, subtle but beautiful lighting solutions. What’s more, they can add a touch of personality to your home. If you want to accent particular features in your conservatory, fairy lights can do this in a gentle way. 

Wire Lighting

Wire lighting is often deemed the practical older sister of fairy lights. These are perfect for those that want to ensure that they are highlighting key features within their conservatory space. Wire lighting does not reflect back onto surfaces. This is great for conservatories as you don’t have to suffer from glare. 

Integrated Spotlights

Integrated spotlights have long been a fascinating feature in the homes of many a wannabe interior designer. For homes that are cast in darkness, or do not get lighting around the rear of their property, this can provide the ultimate feat of illumination. Recessed spotlights in the beams of the glass ceiling can create a bright look within your home. 


Chandeliers are not just for stately homes. Rather, they can be used as a grand feature in your gorgeous conservatory. These overly decadent lighting solutions can guarantee that your home looks modern and contemporary. What’s more, they are easy to install in your conservatory too. They are made in such a way that ensures that light is evenly scattered around the room. So, you don’t have to worry that a chandelier will be too bright. It will emit the right amount of light for the size and scope of your conservatory.

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