Centurion DIY Conservatories don’t just manufacture conservatories, we also manufacture a full range of DIY uPVC Windows and Doors which you can self-install. Made to measure at our factory in Letchworth, we can supply any size you require with your choice of glazing options.

DIY Windows

We manufacture our own 28mm double glazed, uPVC windows units on site to give optimum insulation. Centurion’s range of self-fit DIY windows are internally glazed for greater security and straightforward installation. We can manufacture your windows with your choice of glass including clear toughened glass, Pilkington K glass, Activ coated easy-clean finishes and anti-sun products are all available.

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DIY Doors

Our DIY uPVC Doors are glazed internally for superior security and ease of installation. Made to measure in our UK factory.

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