How you glaze your conservatory is one of the key points to address when choosing your conservatory. With such a large volume of glass, it is an important decision and one which can make the difference between saving now and paying later.

28mm Double Glazed Units

In addition to our standard 28mm double glazed units, Centurion offer a range of glass options for windows and roof for improved energy efficiency and additional benefits. The thermal properties of glass are measured with a “U value”. The lower the U value, the lower the heat loss through the glass.

An average U value of a single pane window is 6-5.6. A double glazed unit with standard clear glass has a U value of around 2.8. When the double glazed unit uses Pilkington K Glass the U value falls to 1.8.

Our sealed units are 28mm for optimum insulation and are supplied in safety toughened glass where required for Building Regulations. Pilkington K Glass offers improved thermal insulation to save money on your heating bills, and recommend it if you’re planning on using your conservatory all year round. Centurion manufactures all of our double glazed panels on-site to ensure that they meet our exacting requirements.

Georgian Bars

Centurion can now supply PVCu Georgian bar windows to retain or restore the original character of your property. Unlike internal Georgian bar windows, where the bars are in between the two panes of glass, Centurion’s double glazed panels are fitted with astragal bars inside and out for an authentic Georgian look. Our external Georgian bars fit your windows perfectly with chamfered edges give a seamless join against the window frame.

Conservatory Glass Roofs

Our standard conservatory roof is a 32mm polycarbonate glaze, but many of our customers opt for glass roofs in their conservatory. Whilst economical, polycarbonate may not give the year-round thermal insulation you are looking for, sound insulation or the transparency of a glass conservatory roof.

Our glass conservatory roofs are available with a full range of glazing options. We manufacture our own double glazed sealed panels using your chosen glass including clear toughened glass, Pilkington K glass, Activ coated, easy-clean finishes and anti-sun. To find out more call us on 0800 389 7261.