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Bring the Outdoors Indoors
16 January 2014

A conservatory acts as a dual extension; it not only adds space to your home, providing you with another room for entertaining, relaxing or finding some peace to get on with your work, but it also serves as an extra part of your garden. The vast amount of natural light, coupled with the fact that...

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Underfloor Heating - Electric vs Water
31 December 2013

During the winter months, it is clear why so many home owners choose to install underfloor heating in their conservatories. Without some form of efficient and comprehensive heating system, an extension to the house which is attractive in summer can become almost unusable in cold weather. The...

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The difference between orangeries and conservatories
14 October 2013

If you're planning an extension to your house, you've probably heard the terms "orangery" and "conservatory" thrown around and wondered what the difference was. After all, to the untrained eye they can look pretty similar. Both were originally intended to help plants survive the cold weather, and...

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How a Conservatory Affects the Value of Your Home
30 September 2013

Much of the current property news focuses on first-time buyers and the problems they face trying to get onto the property ladder. In stark contrast, very little is heard about homeowners who wish to move further up that ladder, even though they also face many difficulties.

The slow property...

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Keeping Your Conservatory Warm
16 September 2013

A conservatory is not only a stylish addition to the home, it is also an extra room to use for various practical and leisure purposes. So it is important to many homeowners that they can keep their conservatory warm and functional all year round.

There are several ways to increase the warmth of...

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